Increased Security at Your Fingertips

Increased Security at Your FingertipsSecurity has gotten more and more difficult to ensure, and nowadays you have to have passwords longer than 8 characters for most online accounts. Often these passwords have to be created with lots of numbers and symbols mixed in, for your computers, mobile devices, and online information to be considered safe. On top of that, most sites and applications recommend that you have a separate password for everything you use, and that means the number of passwords and codes which you need to remember will accumulate quickly and become nearly impossible to keep straight. And even with these extra measures, security breaches happen all the time, and your financial and personal information could be stolen and abused. New technology being put out for the general public may be the answer to these problems: fingerprint security and payment confirmation.

Biometric Technology

Biometric authentication has been around for years, but until recently, it is something people would only expect to see in a science fiction movie or a movie about secret agents. This security method is what you see when someone does a retina or fingerprint scan to confirm a person’s identity. This is a great way to prevent people from impersonating someone to steal their information, but wasn’t a reasonable option for everyday use. Finally, technology has progressed to a modern and affordable point, which allows biometric authentication to be integrated with devices used by the general public. This is most notable in the new iPhones, on which you can use your fingerprint to unlock your device, and purchase apps though iTunes. These are pretty limited applications of the technology for now, but that will quickly be changing, thanks to PayPal and Samsung.

Confirm PayPal Payments with Your Fingerprint

In about a week and a half, Samsung will be launching their newest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, which will allow users to make fingerprint identity confirmation a commonly used security measure. PayPal has a system currently with which you can link your fingerprint to your bank account, making biometric authentication possible. As this technology takes hold and grows in popularity, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see it become standard practice everywhere to make payment confirmations with fingerprint readers. There are already some physical stores, which accept PayPal payments, which means that fingerprint reading will work there too. This is an intense and impressive boost to security measures, which will protect your identity and financial information from being used without your knowledge or permission. No two people have the exact same fingerprints, not even identical twins, so replicating and using a fingerprint pattern to steal information is extremely difficult. Not only would it be tough to pull off, these new devices are equipped to guard against fingerprint replication.

Protect Your Identity and Finances

This technology is a dramatically safer way to protect yourself from identity theft, and you can be much more comfortable shopping online if you are using it. It won’t be long before fingerprint payment confirmation catches on everywhere, so get ahead of the game and check it out today.

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