New Technology for a Connected Car

Texting And Talking While DrivingIt has been an increasingly popular trend to give cars the ability to connect with your iPod, MP3 player, or smart phones by incorporating a USB or auxiliary port somewhere in the vicinity of the cigarette lighter or the radio. This port allows you to plug your device in and play your music through the car sound system. Awesome, right? No need to buy any extra plug in devices for your car to make it compatible, just plug it in with a cable like you would to a computer. And this usually means the buttons of the radio will work for maneuvering through your music files. Some cars even have smart phone sync with Bluetooth, so you can use voice commands and make calls, or use a few other limited functions on your phone via your car. Today, this technology is slowly being outmoded already by Apple, with competitors like Microsoft, Blackberry, and Android working to offer options too. What has Apple done that makes this different from the current technology available?

CarPlay Technology for iPhones in Automobiles

Apple has developed technology, which will allow drivers to use iPhones with either voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel, and a screen built into the vehicle. In vehicles now, the music or call information may appear on a digital screen or output of the radio, but this new screen will have a similar layout to the screen of your iPhone, making it familiar and easier to navigate. With the Apple Siri voice recognition, you will be able to use voice commands or steering wheel buttons to access many features of your phone, which include apps such as:

  • Music
  • Voice Call
  • Voice Texting
  • Maps
  • Other voice based applications

Your vehicle and your iPhone will become one integrated and convenient machine with this fantastic technology. An article at Bloomberg Technology has more detailed information on this exciting Apple innovation. So this is pretty useful and exciting technology, where can we find it?

Which Cars Have it?

For now, the Apple CarPlay technology will be debuting in Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. These vehicles are definitely on the higher end of the scale, being luxury cars that the general population of drivers in America won’t be buying right away. Even so, it can be expected that more automobile manufacturers will be looking to incorporate this technology into their products as it proves to be a good selling point. You can also expect Apple competitors like Windows, Android, and Blackberry, to be developing comparable options, which may be incorporated into different vehicles. It’s certainly something to keep an eye on. Meanwhile, there is plenty of technology available that performs similar functions, if not quite so advanced. According to an article on The Globe and Mail, it is becoming a European trend to include this smartphone technology in affordable vehicles too, and this trend is working its way to the US. Soon people everywhere will enjoy connected vehicles.

Safety Implications

Of course, distracted driving has been a concern for years, and auto-accidents occur daily because of distracted driving. Some officials wonder what new laws and regulations will be necessary to keep drivers safe with this new technology in their vehicles. Apple states that the intention with this new technology is to minimize distraction, rather than cause it. The truth is, many people use their phones while driving all the time, so perhaps Apple really is on to something to enhance driver safety. It might be worth taking a look for yourself and seeing what you think. This technology could keep you more connected, enhance driver safety while using phones on the road, and bring vehicles further into the modern age.

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