Safely Clean Your Computer

Five Cleaners With Big Notebook Dark Screen.epsKeeping your computer clean on the outside is just as important as keeping it clean on the inside. You may prefer to leave the internal upkeep, like security programs and disk cleanup, to IT professionals, but you certainly don’t want to have to take your computer in every time it gets a little dusty or smudged. Computers are expensive machines, and you may be worried about causing any damage when you clean yours, but there are plenty of safe methods and materials you can use to get rid of dirt and debris, and keep your computer nice and tidy.

What Materials Are Safe?

The kind of materials and chemicals you can use to clean your computer vary, depending on the area needing cleaning. For example, you can use a washcloth or paper towel on plastic or metal areas, but you probably wouldn’t want to do that to your computer screen. This could cause scratches and damage, because the material is rough and screens are fragile. For the screen, you should use either a microfiber cloth, soft cotton material, or something equally soft, like a Swiffer dust wipe. Something else you can consider buying to keep your keyboard clean is canned air. This can be safely used to remove dust and debris from crevices and small areas that are difficult to reach with a cleaning cloth.

The chemicals you use to clean your computer are pretty standard. Isopropyl alcohol, also called rubbing alcohol, is safe to use just about anywhere on your machine, even the LCD screen. In fact, this is what they use in factories to clean computers before they are shipped out. If you want to use other cleaning solutions, check the labels to be sure that it won’t damage and of the material on your computer, and dilute them with water to be safe. No matter what liquid you use to clean your machine, you won’t need to use large amounts.

Safe Methods

The best way to use cleaning liquids on your computer is to apply them to the cleaning cloth first, rather than pouring or spraying them onto your machine. NEVER pour anything onto your computer, as this is very unsafe and likely to cause damage. Spray or pour the cleanser onto your cloth, and gently wipe down the surfaces of your computer. You don’t want the cloth to be soaking wet, as this could allow dripping. If you are removing dust, you can use canned air or a vacuum. This helps to keep you from simply smearing the dust around or accidentally pushing it into vents of the computer. A good method for dust removal is to first use air to blow dust out of the crevices and hard to reach places, and then wipe it up with a damp cloth or Swiffer dust wipe.

More Detailed Cleaning

If your computer needs serious attention to get it clean, you can check out some deep-cleaning tips for your computer on the internet. You also have the option to take it in to a computer repair service for professional attention. Keeping your computer clean is important to for proper function, as well as to keep you and other users free of germs.

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